ARTICLE 1 - Definitions

ARTICLE 2 - Applicability

ARTICLE 3 - Agreement

ARTICLE 4 - Prices and Payment 

ARTICLE 5 - Offers

ARTICLE 6 - Delivery and Execution

ARTICLE 7 - Right of Withdrawal

ARTICLE 8 - Exclusion of the Right of Withdrawal

ARTICLE 9 – Right of Return

Article 1 Definitions:

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, the following definitions apply:

1       Company: the natural or legal person who remotely offers products and/or services to consumers.

                All Shades 

          Bank account no. IBAN: NL70 KNAB     BIC: KNABNL2H

      Ch. Of Comm.: 71240217
      VAT no.: NL001610765B32

2    Consumer: The person who enters into an agreement (also remotely) with All Shades

3    Day: Calendar Day


Article 2 Applicability:

–       These terms and conditions apply to any offer by All Shades and to any distance contract 

         between All Shades and consumer.  

–       If the consumer has ordered All Shades to deliver one or more products, there is an  agreement             that is legally binding for the parties (distance buying).  

–       By using the All Shades website and/or placing an order, the consumer accepts these terms 

         and conditions including all other rights and obligations, if any, listed on the website of 

         All Shades


Article 3 Agreement:

–      The agreement between the consumer and the Company is concluded at the time of acceptance of the product/hairwork and the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions. Both in writing and electronically. 

–      The Agreement between the Company and the Consumer to which the General Terms and   

        Conditions relate, is only applicable under Dutch law. Even if the Consumer resides abroad. 

Article 4 Prices and Payment:

–        All prices are expressed in euros and in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations.  

–        All prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of shipping costs. 

–        If the Consumer is not located in the Netherlands, the Consumer is responsible for any sales     tax or import duties due. 

Article 5 Offers:

–        All offers by All Shades are without obligation. 

–        Offers are subject to the availability of the products. All Shades holds the right to terminate 

          the Agreement in the unlikely event that an item is not in stock.

Article 6 Delivery and Execution:

–        The place of delivery is the address that the consumer has made known to All Shades. 

–        All Shades shall take the utmost care when receiving the orders as well as in the execution of 

          the order of products.

–        The risk of damage and/or loss of products rests with the Consumer until the moment of     


Article 7 Right of Withdrawal


–        If the Consumer makes use of his Right of Withdrawal, the costs and/or costs incurred for 

          return will be at the expense of the Consumer. 

–        The Right of Withdrawal does not apply to offers. 

Article 8 Exclusion of the Right of Withdrawal:

1       The Company can exclude the Right of Withdrawal of the Consumer for products as 

described in paragraphs 2 and 3.  

2       The price of which is subject to fluctuations in the financial market over which the Company 

has no influence. 

3       Clip-ins, Closure, Frontal, Hairbundle. 

Article 9 Right of Return:

–        The Right of Return for hairworks is excluded for hygienic reasons. 

–        The Right of Return does not apply to offers.